Sunday, April 27, 2014

Words of the day: The role of character in shaping your destiny

it's takes skills and character to take you to the top but if it was easy everyone would be doing it so don't stop
°Your life today is a summation of every decision you have made ,good bad and ugly.

° Jesus: servant, leader, compassion, commitment, even unto death
°David : absolute obedience
°Daniel exceptional service
°Ruth: symbolic loyalty
°Esther: success
Provb 13:3, Provb 22:1
those are the myth in the bible
'Your values determine your behaviour'
What you don't consider important you usually don't give your self to

° once your character is not right, you are setting your self up for a fall
°Your values are the things you choose to believe over time
© What have you store in your subconscious is actually who you are.
°You don't love what you do, but do what you love to help you through what you do
°If you don't develop character forget greatness
°Depression is a subconscious behaviour

°What you say is not who you are but who you are will affects what you say
If you believe you will become what you wanna be in life
5 ) Tips on how to change your believe
1- You have to counter the information you already have
2-Love all men, old, young, black,white, rich, poor,tall short "Love usually involves giving and sacrifices '
3-God is good to you all the time
4-You are capable of any thing you can conceive
5-you can choose to do the right thing even if it cost you materially.

These are the words I again from my pastor in church today and I love to share it with my readers so that we could all can change our atitude towards life and how we present one another to the world and I hope the message is helpful to someone as it has to me .
Pastor: @iheanyi ejiogu
Theme: unleashing the giant within


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