Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hello Family & welcome to December!

This is your month of Glorious Conclusions!!!
Everything that didn't add up this year, is about to add up this month.
Everything that seemed far fetched this year, is about to miraculously fall on your lap.

Everything that seemed stagnated this year, is about to begin to yield results this month.
Everyone that you need to move into that next level, is walking into your life by divine orchestration.
Every expectation you have had this year, is about to come to pass this month.
Every seed you have planted this year, is about to produce massive results this month.
For every promise that you received from God this year, you're about to take full delivery.
Beloved, 2016 is going to deliver everything that is yours, this december.
In Jesus mighty name I declare. Amen.
"Iheanyi EJIOGU"

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