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By opeyemi oreagba


March 31st, 2016
The road was smooth and so was the ride. The really anticipated party was today, ditching school didn't feel so bad afterall.
I could see the other students behind as we drove 
in a convoy. Everyone was so eager, we were going to see a lot of artistes and media personalities. The party would be lit. 
The journey was a long one and I didn't realize when I fell asleep. I think I woke up the exact moment we reached our destination. The other cars were gone, the convoy of five cars, all gone. Where did they all go? "Maybe they were ahead of us" I thought. I tapped my girlfriend "Gracy" beside me, she jumped from her sleep as if she heard a ghost. "Wake up, I think we're here" I said, laughing at her weird expression. "You fool" she replied playfully.
I looked around and where we were didn't seem like a party location. We were in the middle of nowhere. "Driver! Where are we?" I asked and he stood still like a Zombie, unwilling to answer any of my questions. What's that?! she screamed startling me, I turned and rubbed my eyes to see if my eyes weren't deceiving me. It had started to seem like a horror movie.
A group of men had surrounded us, armed men with guns almost as tall as the both of us. The driver was silent the whole time, Gracy just screamed repeatedly and hugged me so tight, I had no idea what to do. We were in big trouble, we had just been kidnapped....

April 14, 2016
I could hardly see anything as I opened my eyes slowly, I was so weak with a blank mind unable to remember anything. "Francis, Francis, can you see me?" someone called, I looked up and there was my mum with tearful eyes.
My sight finally became lucid as I saw her and suddenly I could hear monitors beeping, smell of disinfectants blocking my nose pipe. The typical smell of hospitals, "Doctor!" she called again, a lot of people in white ran in "He's awake".

May 1st, 2016
Gracy was gone, "my sweet Gracy" the fact that I survived was a miracle. It took a month before I could remember everything that happened so vividly and now, I don't think I could ever forget. Two weeks in coma wasn't child's play. I know you're curious to know what happened, well it all started when....

September 10th, 2015
I had just been admitted into the university, which was really scary for me. I was a mummy's boy, I've always been, probably because I was the only child. Leaving the house to school was a big deal but living in school without my mum was the biggest . 
A lot of my neighbours had helped my mum in consoling me after I started wailing like a baby when I was about to leave. My mum hugged me so tight "be careful my son, avoid bad company" she said as we parted ways. A sixteen year old about to live on his own, an adventure I didnt fancy. I got to my room with 3 other roommates, all of them in their second year. Timmy, Bobby and Tife.

October 15th, 2015
A month in school felt like a million years, I already made a lot of friends courtesy of my roomates and I was eager for more adventure. Timmy was always AWOL, out of reach and never went to class, Tife was the serious nerd always hanging out with irresponsible boys and I had no idea how he still remained smart. Bobby was the most friendly of the lot, always taking me out, introducing me to everyone he knew and I became popular within a short period. 
The tall dark handsome mummy's boy, "yes, I was all that". The only thing they all found amusing about me was that I never attended a party with them, none infact. The good boy didn't go bad...yet. I went home of on a few occassions, rather than often, aced all my classes and was still mum's Jewel, until I met her, the diamond in a rough "Gracy". 
One of my random visits to the bar very close to my dorm and there she sat at a corner, sipping her drink like she couldn't afford another. I slid to a sit beside her not knowing what to say or do but luckily, she recognised me and called my attention. "You're Francis right?" she asked with her hands pointed towards me. "Yes, I am.  "What's your name?" I asked too and she smiled as she answered "I'm Gracy, nice to meet you". 
The most beautiful smile I had ever seen, she was perfect, two years and levels older but that didn't make any difference. We really got along at the bar and since that day, we saw each other more often.

November 30th, 2015
My friends never really liked her, no reason I could decipher. Maybe they had history with her, who knows..who cares? I went to her hostel one time because I was unable to reach her. I knocked on the door once before she opened and there she was, a cigarrettes in one hand, a cup on the other. I was so shocked since that wasn't the image I had of her. She pulled me and locked us in before I could even protest.
"Gracy, what's all this you're doing? I cant believe you smoke, I'm so dissapointed" I yelled, something I had never done. "Its no big deal baby, you can try it too" she said without an ounce of remorse. After moments of persuading, "just a puff" I said and took the smoke from her. I coughed a couple of times making her burst into laughter. 
"You're a novice" she admitted, I knew I was and didn't bother disputing. I already had a sore throat, as if that wasn't bad enough, I started feeling lightheaded and so dizzy I couldn't get a grip. I managed to force out a speech to Gracy who was totally unaware of my plight.
"What did you put in the cigarette?" It was no ordinary cigarette. "Who told you its cigar, that's weed" she said and that was the last thing I heard. I was woken by some loud noise like chanting and singing above me.
Realizing I was on the ground, I tried to stand but couldn't, I was tied to the ground. "Oh God" I mummured and finally looked up. There was more than twenty guys above starring back at me. They had stopped singing, I could recognize a few of them which was enough for me to make out who they were. So the situtation there was that, they were cultists and me 
tied to the ground meaning I was being initiated; against my will! Gracy had brought me here for reasons I couldn't understand. "Guy, don't try to prove stubborn o, your little friends cannot protect you this time" one of them said with an annoyingly gruffy voice. All I could do was lie there helplessly as I was being initiated into their cult "lord save me" I cried but this time, I was really on my own.

December 2015
I was broken, at least I didn't land in the hospital. "Why Gracy? Why?" I kept on asking. "I'm sorry baby, I did it for you. I wanted you to belong". "To belong" that was the phrase she used. I had no idea what it meant but I forgave her anyway, I couldn't stand seeing her cry. Lets just say I was a sucker for love. Weeks past and I already got the hang of it, I started going to parties, drinking and smoking. I went completely rebellious.
Everyone said I had changed and I couldn't deny the fact, "the good boy finally became bad" but Gracy never left my side. We were just like Bonny and Clyde, that period, I actually loved being bad. All the  while, I mentioned nothing to my roommates until one of them suddenly confronted me.
I had just come back from a party, drunk as a seal and there he was at the doorway reluctant to move. "Bobby, let me pass na" I shouted and clasped his shirts in my hands. He shrugged and pushed me away, I didn't have a firm balance under alcohol influence so I fell.
Did you really join the cult" Bobby asked, "and what if I did? Are you my mum?" I replied standing up from where I had fallen. "I knew something was up with you, its that stupid bitch right?" he said with fury. "How dare you call Gracy a bitch" I yelled and the other guys stopped us before I was able to raise a fist. I headed to my bunk 
angrily and jumped on the bed since I was already sleepy.
I woke with a headache the next morning, feeling more remorseful than I've ever been recalling last night's drama. I went to look for Bobby to apologize, after all he was still my best friend, unfortunately I didn't see him the whole day. "Maybe he was avoiding me I thought". He didn't come home that night or the night after, I was really worried so was Timmy and Tife. We searched the whole school for days, he was declared missing after a week. How strange things happen, I was the only suspect but the guys never mentioned it and neither did I.
Just before the semester was over, Bobby was found. Six feets under a lake not far from the school. He had a bullet wound insinuating he was murdered. Who killed Bobby? His death shook the whole school and not long rumours spread that he had a fight with his cultist friend a night before he went missing. No one could confront me or believe my innocence either, not even my other roommates. I had to move out but vowed to vindicate myself. 
I stopped attending meeting and disbarred from all of the cult happenings, I needed change, no one wants to end like Bobby. I went home for Christmas and my mum didn't suspect a thing was wrong. If only she knew what I had become, I would change at least I owed my mum that.

BY opeyemi oreagba

January 23rd, 2016
Happy endings only happened in movies, my story wasn't any different. Gracy had brought a party invite from her friend knowing I wanted to stop attending parties. "Its just this one last time, think of it as a date" she said, I couldn't say no to her. "Guess who's performing? Olamide!" she screamed, I almost fainted.
Olamide was my favourite artist, I was one of the his die- hard fans, there was no way I would miss it. "I'll try" I replied trying to put up a bold front. "I love you" she said as she jumped on me. "I love you too" I replied, I wished I said it a million times more. "My poor Gracy". The party was in two months and within a month the news already circulated around the school, radio stations and TV stations.
Time went by quickly and it was the D-day, the party was in another state, I had to hire a car for the both of us since Gracy didn't want to ride in a bus. I went to a car park and they were all unwilling to go with my price, so frustrated I would have settled for the bus but it seemed luck was on my side.
I met this taxi guy not far from the park, he accepted the price I offered before I could even blink, "God really had his ways" I thought. Some other students followed and we rode in a convoy until I fell asleep and he parted ways....

March 31st, 2016
"Get out of the car" the men yelled at the both of us, they already gave the order but still proceded to pull us out. We were blindfolded and I couldn't see Gracy anymore, I just heard her screams from far away. Not being able to do anything to save her ate me up inside. "God help me, even if it's just this once" I prayed for the first time in a while. The blindfold was finally removed, 
a lot of people like me were there too, I could see Gracy, so near yet so far. We were tied up in chains, lead to a big van to transport us to an unknown location. Less than an hour into the journey the driver lost control and the van tumbled countless of times.
It took a while to get my senses, there was blood everywhere and everyone was stiff. "Oh no!" They were all dead. I was stuck In the inverted van, after a while struggling to pull off the chains and leave the van proved abortive, I finally closed my eyes.

May 1st, 2016
All these happened within 5 months, just 5 months! It seemed more than a year to me. Hale and hearty, I was the only survivor of the fatal accident. They say the van was burnt to ashes but someone had pulled me out earlier. Someone anonymous, the doctors say Its possible I crawled out myself and forgot due to shock but I knew the truth.
The person who pulled me out was right there, up there, in the sky, still watching over me. Not everyone gets a second chance, I may have lost the ones I love but you know what they say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". 
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