Thursday, May 4, 2017


By Opeyemi Oreagba

My only love, I asked If she could wait.
She replied, "I hope" with faith.
One last time, We went for a date.
We parted, Goodbyes I hate.

I had moved, To a new state.
The best job, Handed to me on a slate.
I called, Anytime I got a break.
Her voice, Cool as the waters of a lake.
The laughter, Not deep obviously fake.
A million miles, Apart unable to relate.
Years passed, Social media sustained.
Suddenly, In her attitude was restraint.
Our daily calls, Reduced with her aid.
It was two years, She stopped a day.
From my beginning, Got nothing on her end.
Years passed, I searched every bend.
Off the face, Of the earth she disappeared.
Hope she remembers, A promise a debt.
My only love, wasn't able to wait.
We'll meet again, "I hope" with faith.

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